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At ComplexCare Solutions, we partner with your health plan to bring you a free service that can improve your health and overall well-being. At your convenience, we will schedule a visit from one of our nurses or nurse practitioners to do an in-home comprehensive physical to create a complete and accurate medical record. During this visit, we will discuss your health history and identify ways to improve your health and minimize risk. Issues we might identify during our visit may include medication risks, dietary concerns, fall risks or even a faulty air conditioner.

By meeting in your home, we can take as little or as much time as needed to get a complete understanding of your unique health needs. We leave you a written summary of our discussion that includes suggestions for improving your health and safety. Many of our suggestions are simple changes like adjusting medications, improving your diet or making home modifications to reduce fall risk. We share our findings with your health plan and your doctor so you get the ongoing care and support you need. We also identify plan benefits or community services that are available to you. Depending on your specific plan benefits, our care team may stay involved for a short period of time or on an ongoing basis to give you a little extra help to get on the path to improving your health and safety.

We are here first and foremost to help you. All of our care team members are specially trained and personally committed to you and your wellbeing. The reason your health plan offers our services free to you is simple. By keeping yourself healthy, you can avoid the need for unnecessary and costly medical care.